discuss what the employee can do to enhance their own performance and play to their strengths.

paraphres the articlePaychex’s Performance Management ApproachBased on the description that stated in the case study, the best approach is that Paychex use a combination of both results and behaviors when measuring performance. This is because it is true that sales should be used as a main measure tools to measure performance. In addition, since the account executive’s manager is not always able to observe their performance, then the company will have to infer that obtaining sales quotas is due to the account executive engaging in the appropriate behaviors. However, the importance of developing good relationships within the industry is also extremely important, and the results of doing so may not pay off immediately or translate directly into sales.They should to use the behavior approach because is define and shape the right behaviors of employees for an effective performance. So they have to evaluator rate the performer by associating him with the behavioral level that fits his performance. So the managers have to avoid the behaviors that closely relate to those defined in the performance scale which leads to biased rating. It’s include a larger number of behaviors to provide a more specific and accurate description of the employee behavior for an effective performance. Also the rater would need to rate the frequency that this behavior is seen to be exhibited by the performer. The managers have to remembered and processed by managers (Ihab Sarieddin, 2013).Also they should to use the results approach because it’s focuses on removing the subjectivity from the measurement process by evaluating objectives based on employee performance results. Strategic goals should be established by the top management team (TMT) which then feed to more specific goals down the organizational hierarchy. Managers and their subordinates should participate together to come up with a set of SMART goals that would link back to the strategic goals (Ihab Sarieddin, 2013).From the table, the approach that can be applied to the job of account executive is the result approach because the workers are skilled in the necessary behaviors, behaviors and results are obviously related, results show consistent improvement over time and there are many ways to do the job right. Paychex, Inc. is a recognized leader in the payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing industry, with a steadfast commitment to success and a record of achievement that continues a tradition of delivering excellence. Thomas Golisano with just $3,000 and a good idea – to make payroll outsourcing easy and affordable for small businesses. From those early days with just one employee, Paychex now has more than 12,000 employees serving more than half a million small- to medium-sized businesses nationwide.For many managers and their staff, the term fills them with dread. A major reason for the negative reaction comes from the typical way performance management is implemented. Managers have to set goals for direct reports at the beginning of the year, meet with them at midyear to see how they are doing and provide feedback, and meet with them again at the end of the year to assign them a grade. That grade is used to calculate pay increases and bonuses, and often to determine who to let go if there are layoffs (John Hester, 2014).The company replaced its old system with a model that emphasizes regular weekly coaching conversations. In these meetings the manager and employee discuss what the employee can do to enhance their own performance and play to their strengths. The company also removed its traditional performance incentives and moved to a motivational model that encourages performance through coaching (John Hester, 2014).




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